Where to work while the kids play!

I've been a single mom for the majority of my children's lives and I've worked from home while they played. When they were little, I primarily worked during their nap time, but as they got older and napped less, I began to utilize spots all around the city where kids can play while mom works! With covid-19 restructictions, the recent ice storms, and unexpected school closures for "distance learning", parents need places like this more than ever!

Here's my favorite list of spots to work around the city while my kids can play!

Flores Mexican Restaurant, William Cannon: for all you southies, there's a fenced playground and park area, outdoor tables (with heaters in the winter) and good wifi and queso. Note: closed Mondays

Lifetime Fitness South: I joined the gym for childcare help and I suggest ANY parent do this. 2.5 hrs of free childcare a day, day camps when AISD school is out, parents night outs frequently, and all sorts of extracurriculars for families. Wifi in the cafe, food/smoothies, sauna, spa, and pool when you're not working, but need a mental break.

Central Market N Lamar: This location has an outdoor deck with Wifi, playground, duck pond, turtles to feed and a greenspace/park area for active tots and kids to stay busy for hours. Free water for kids and coffee, tacos, rose and munchies for mom. Kids get hungry and you forgot to pack snacks? Ummm, its a grocery store! Win win. 

Bouldin Acres: wifi, playground, yard games, beer, food trucks, and a full menu. The menu is not kind to your waistline, but the kids will love the grilled cheese and waffle fries and the the pulled pork taco is bomb.

Indoor Play Spaces with Wifi, childcare and interactive play:

  • Almost Grown Play Cafe (Dripping Springs)
  • The Hive (south Austin) 
  • Brentwood Social House (post covid), pirate ship playground and playroom
  • Sour Duck
  • Hatcreek Burgers
  • Catch Air

Parents, this is NOT easy, but you can do it! I've done it for years. Pack a bag and leave it in your car with laptop and charger, gym clothes, change of clothes for kids, and non-perishable snacks and water bottles. When you get the gut wrenching text "school is out unexpecterdly today"- dont fret. Just, head out to the nearest playplace with Wifi and keep hustling. 

Where would I buy a home as a mom that needs to be close to preschools, extra help and drop-in care? South Austin! 78745 is where its at- the perfect spot in between ALL that we need, LOL. [email protected]

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