Schools in Austin: Choosing the Right Home

Schools in Austin: Choosing the Right Neighborhood

When another mom told me she had put her son on several waitlists for childcare in Austin while she was pregnant, I immediately thought she was a bit overzealous and likely a high strung mother. But, quite the opposite! This woman was simply knowledgeable about the Austin education scene and didn't wanna get caught without options. To an outsider moving in, this may seem extreme, but Austin is a VERY unique market. 

We're a small town, but a big city and our unique demographics created the need for lots of alternative education options. So, you may be seeking a religious affiliated preschool, mothers day out half day program, international school, spanish/french immersion, Reggio-Emilia, Montessori, or Waldorf. Perhaps, you want a school where kids run around freely like Lord of the Flies? We have that to in the '04. But, you cant simply show up in town, buy a house and enroll your child. Waitlists are long, admissions are competitive, deposits are owed and traffic is INTENSE. You'll want to chose a home in a neighborhood that allows you to get the kiddos off to school/childcare efficiently AND get you and/or your sig other off to work. 

Lucky for you, I know the Austin school scene inside out! Reach out to discuss your personal style, lifestyle, workplace obligations and schedule, and ideal school scenario for your growing family. I'll help you narrow down your search to the exact neighborhood, potentially even the street, that fits your family's unique needs best. Then, I'll help get you into that dream home. 

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