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TX residential Group is a boutique firm that works as a team and are powered by Compass. Compass is a national brokerage comprised of top producers in major cities nationwide. They provide the latest technology and resources to their agents, including one of the best perks, Compass Concierge. 

I'm sure you've heard the Austin market is moving FAST and homes are selling above market value. In fact, many sellers are receiving multiple offers on their home when the home is up to par with what modern buyers want. With over 150 people moving to Austin a day, inventory can hardly keep up with the demand of buyers. We can help you ready your home for listing and help you SELL it!

Compass Concierge fronts renovation costs up to $75K to upgrade your home internally and externally to catch the eye of modern buyers! And, you are assisted and supported by us along the way.We have buyers! Its up to you if you'd like to take advantage of these services to catch the eye of the buyers and be sure YOUR home is one of those that sells for max value. 

Recent Compass testimonial: Homeowners used $25K from Compass Concierge (interest free) and were able to list their home for about $50K more than originally expected and then they sold for $90K above listing price! WOW

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Chelsea Vail

TX Residential Group

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