Living in Tarrytown: Austin Real Estate

Famlies relocating to Austin without much prior knowledge of the city tend to look for homes in the same areas. I've noticed they look in the '04 because that's where they spent most of their time while touring the city and that's all they're familiar with, which is a fabulous starting point, but not much outdoor space comes with each property. Or, they look in the suburbs outside the city without knowing how terrible the traffic is. The third preference tends to be Westlake Hills, which is gorgeous, but not in everyone's ideal budget, nor is it close to the city if you work in town. 

Consider other neighborhoods scattered throughout the city limits like Allandale, Crestview, Clarksville, Mueller, Rosedale, or perhaps Austin's most historic neighborhood, Tarrytown! Living in Tarrytown is a great option for families relocating from coastal areas like California or Florida, or perhaps those from Seattle or Colorado that are used to lake life.

Tarrytown borders Lake Austin and most properties boast beautiful green yards, luxe landscaping and are either waterfront, or feature a backyard pool- something that is essential to surviving Austin summers, lol. 

Tarrytown feeds into some of Austin's best schools and is within a mile of Mopac and Lake Austin Blvd, both roads granting quick access to downtown or Domain area for families that report to an office each day. 

This unique Austin neighborhood, has somehow managed to maintain its quirky Austin culture, historic charm, and somehow stay current with modern trends all at once! Check out Tarrytown and reach out if you'd like to learn more about this neighborhood's offerings and view some properties in person. 

I can help you sell your current home, or purchase a new one in the 'hood of your choice. Send an email to [email protected]

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