How Can a Realtor Help You?

In a world with Zillow, Trulia, and Nextdoor apps allowing you to search homes at your fingertips, it may seem like hiring a realtor is unnecessary. Why would I use a realtor if I can list my home myself online? Cant I do my own home search online? 

1. If you're selling your home, a realtor can help you get the best possible price for your home. Your agent can come view the home, check out comparable properties in the area and find out what they sold for and why. They can also help you prepare your home for listing by recommending any upgrades, renovations, aesthetic changes, or staging options to make your property more appealing to today's buyer. Most real estate agents will also have professional photos and videos taken, list your home on the MLS for ALL buyer agents to see, and maybe even create a website or showcase your home in a popular local magazine. A real estate agent is invaluable when selling your home!

2. If you're buying a home, a real estate agent can not only set up a custom search for you based on your unique needs, but they can also negotiate the best deal for you and help you understand contracts, amendments, options, and make offers. They have a sworn duty to put their clients best interests first!

3. They know the market and current trends! A realtor that knows you and your family can keep you in the loop regarding investment opportunities, market changes, and current trends. They stay in-the-know and can loop you in so you never miss an opportunity!

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