Best Austin Neighborhoods

I'm Chelsea Vail, real estate agent in Austin, Texas on my way to be a top producer in 2021. I've been in Austin over seventeen years now and I've watched big change occur in the city. Much of this change is good and thankfully we have a fantastic new crop of people contriubuting to creativity and innovation; however, sadly, some of our historic homes are being torn down and replaced by modern builds, and many are just overlooked as people flock to more commonly known suburban areas. 

Austin isn't "Austin" without keeping it weird! We're known for our classic craftsmans, bungalows, stone facades, historic victorians, midcentury modern renos, airstreams, and shipping container homes! These are becoming endangered species as newcomers from all over the nation flock to the city to ironically share in what makes Austin so unique, but they're skipping over the city and buying in areas lacking local culture. I got into this biz to help families new to Austin buy, and sell, pieces of the city I love!

So, if you googled "best place to live in Austin" and it didn't show you Hyde Park, Clarksville, Rosedale, Cherrywood, Shady Hollow, Alandale, Crestview, University Hills, Brentwood, Mueller, Holly, Bouldin, Jester, Rollingwood, Travis Heights, Barton Hills, Pemberton Heights, Bryker Woods, Northwest Hills, or if these names are foreign- stay off google and hire a local who knows the city better than the back of her hand! LOL. These are neighborhoods IN the city with quick access (even walkable) to local hotspots that are what Austin was built on. 

If you're relocating to Austin, welcome, yall! I'd love to help you get to know the city and be a part of it while still protecting its rad culture. Before you settle in the burbs, check out the hoods that make Austin great and see if one of them may be a fit for you and your family! Each one has its own unique culture and vibe. Be close to local coffeehouses (btw true Austinites boycott Starbucks), family owned boutiques, bars and restaurants, take yoga & pilates from your neighbor, and buy a handmade toy from the old man down the street. Find out why he moved here in 1954 and never left! 

And then...whether you're new here or not...keep Austin weird! Embrace all that makes it great! Reach out if you're looking to buy something "weird" [email protected]

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