Austin Area Preschools

Years ago I owned a business called Whole Heart and I taught parenting workshops and positive discipline strategies to teachers and nannies around the Austin area. Over the six years I operated that business, I became quite familiar with the preschools and childcare options the city has to offer. Not to mention, I'm a single mom of TWINS so I had the added joy of choosing programs that fit the unique needs of BOTH my boys and finding two open slots rather than just one. Waitlists in Austin are a thing and for some schools they're longer than the enth of time your child would even attend. 

First, decide what kind of a school you're looking for. Austin preschools range from play-based, "Lord of the Flies" style (ie Habibis Hutch in the '04), to montessori, international, language immersion, religious affiliation, content focused (the Prep), and include various pedagogies like Reggio-Emilia, Montessori, and Waldorf. 

Once you decide the ideal program for your child, take a look at the schools hours and attendance options. Most preschools in Austin do NOT offer full-time coverage until age four. Some schools have entend-a-care, but only until 2:30/3:00pm. Also, review their requirements regarding vaccines and potty training to be sure their policy is in line with your family decisions. 

And finally, (enter dramatic music here), the WAITLIST. Are they admitting new students? Do they openings in your child's age group? Do they require parent orientation or tour prior to enrollment?

If you're lucky enough to find the preschool/childcare option you want AND you get in, then the fun part begins. Finding the home you want close to your child's school, or close to work. That's when you'll really need me! Reach out [email protected] 512-680-1671

I can help you choose a preschool, hopefully get in, and then help you find a home! 

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